Sunday, May 24, 2020

There’s a T-Rex at the Tea Party

There's a T-Rex at the Tea Party

Tea is delightful,  

It's a real special treat

When mommy and I

Sit down just to eat

The biscuits and cookies

That we freshly made.

Then slowly sip tea

And sometimes lemonade

The only sad part 

Is that in our house

We have a baby T-Rex

That runs all around

And from time to time 

He finds us with our tea

Then he stomps all around

And this frustrates me

He's never that careful  

And throws quite a fit

because I'm playing with Mommy

Instead of with him

It's quite a mess to clean up   

With cookies all crumbled,

The tea gets all spilt,

And the dishes all tumble.

But one time it was different, 

Mommy had an idea

Because that time, at noon

We invited T-Rex for tea

Turns out all he wanted 

Was a sip of our tea

And a cookie of course

So he got them from me.

It felt so good to share 

And invite him to eat

So he's come ever since

which has been a real treat.

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