Sunday, May 24, 2020

The Adventures of Lance and Baby Dragon

Lance and Baby Dragon

Lance was the curious

adventurous kind

where trouble and danger

were always in mind

So as he woke up 

imagine our fright

when he told us, his parents,

about the previous night

Dragon was a baby

about the same age as him

with golden-red eyes

tiny wings and green skin

And as Lance lay down

on his pillow to sleep

Dragon crept up 

to his bed for a peek

Lance noticed the dragon

with a flash of bright green
And remembered his parents

saying Dragons were mean.

But he conquered his fear

and looked up at the beast

He said, “My name is Lance,

please don’t make me your feast.”

The Dragon just laughed

and said, “I won’t eat you!

I just love playing games,

and need a friend who does too”

Then Lance started grinning

and he said with delight,

“I love games too!

We should go play tonight!”

He looked to make sure 

that his parents were sleeping

Then jumped out of bed

and towards the door started creeping. 

Once they were out 

they could more freely talk

they played, ran, and sang

then went for a walk.

Finally Lance said, “You’re not scary at all!

I don’t know what mom means!”

Dragon responded, “She wants to protect you

we look scary indeed.

But we’re all the same inside

with feelings and smiles

and all it took for you to like me

was to play for a while.

As the night became lighter

and the sun started showing,

Lance turned to his friend

and said “It’s time to get going.

My parents will wake and

come wake me up too,

and then they’ll be scared 

if they see me with you.”

So Lance climbed back in bed

after a long night outside

Then said softly to Dragon

“I’ll see you next time!”

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