Thursday, November 7, 2019

The Winter Savior

The Winter Savior

I see the snowflakes falling falling
Out the window, through the trees.
I hear the cold wind blowing blowing
Rustling up the fallen leaves

I feel the cold air pressing pressing
‘gainst the door, throughout the hall
I smell the winter coming coming
With expected force and gall.

I taste the crystals melting melting
Landing on my tongue and coat
I sense the darkness rising rising
Creeping up to sap my hope. 

Yet even in the sense filled wonder 
Of this cold and darker season...

I taste and see His goodness goodness
As the crystals melt away. 
I smell His fragrance filling filling
As He calms the blusters sway 

I feel His presence with me, with me
As the darkness closes in
I hear Him whisper gently gently
As He speaks to me within

I see His Spirit coming coming
As He tarry’s not for long
I sense my Savior calling calling
As He draws me home, where I belong. 

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