Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Where are you Adam?

Where are you Adam?

“But the LORD God called to the MAN and said to him, “Where are you?””
‭‭Genesis‬ ‭3:9‬ ‭NET‬‬

Men, we need to talk. 

As I read through yet another mass shooting I can’t help but ask the same question that God did as He was billowing through the Garden of Eden looking for Adam;

Where are you Adam?

As I see yet another marriage fail due to alcohol and drugs...

Where are you Adam?

When I go to Iraq and see children playing in, bathing in, and eating in filth...

Where are you Adam?

When racism rears it’s ugly draconian head...

Where are you Adam? 

When the devil tempts your children through things they watch, things they see, and people they hang out with...

Where are you Adam?

When your wife is slaving away at home with the kids and she’s getting burnt out because her husband isn’t helping...

Where are you Adam?

When your babies are aborted because the mothers don’t feel they have the support they need to raise a child...

Where ARE you Adam?

The list goes on and on as “Adam” sits silent watching the world go by him while God CRIES OUT to him to stand and deliver. 

You see God didn’t call out to Eve in the Garden of Eden in the cool of the day after they ate the forbidden fruit. No He told Adam to come stand before Him and explain himself to his Creator. 


Now I have thousands of them.


Now I deal with sin everyday in every way imaginable. 


Now I must die at some point...

Those are just MY points as a Man descended from Him but imagine you’re Adam for a minute and God says “Where are you?”

Where were you when your wife was tempted?

Where were you when she was taking a bite from the fruit?

Where were you when YOU took a bite?!?

Oh that’s right, you were with her in the Garden. 

So you sat by and watched as all of humanity became bent and broken because of your indifference, your passivity, and your choices.

Listen to Adams response to God’s question;

“Here I am, and yes that’s all true BUT Lord it wouldn’t have happened if YOU hadn’t given me this WOMAN.”

What a pitiful response. 

So again I ask, where are you Adam? Even I know that’s not how a Man should respond to ANYTHING, let alone his creator. The one who formed him with His breath. The one that crafted a partner for him from his very bones and breathed into her the breath of life. 


...just like me. 

You see I’ve heard God calling to me for a long time saying “where are you Man?” and I have tried to run as far from that call as possible. 

I have stood by and watched as the devil has tried to take everything from me while I was hiding because I was too scared to face the call of my Creator. 

I have stood by and watched evil things happen and shrugged my shoulders as if there was nothing I could do about it all because it was easier to ignore than to face my Creator.

Where are you Larry?

“Here I am and yes Lord, its all true but if YOU hadn’t made me this way I would be just fine.”

What a pitiful response I used to give him...

Thank God there is another Adam that I haven’t talked about yet because otherwise the original Adam and I didn’t and don’t have a good enough answer for our Creator. 

Thank God there is another Adam that I can look to and say “THAT’S how it should have been done thousands of years ago in the Garden.”

When this Adam came, He didn’t need to hide, He had no shame, He talked with God openly, freely, and frequently. Just like original Adam should have done. 

He spoke up for the oppressed, defended women, and rebuked the serpent. Just like original Adam should have done. 

He didn’t eat ANY forbidden fruit. Just like original Adam should have done. 

It goes even further than that though because this Adam not only did all the right things, He also made sure original Adams debt was paid. 

He said “I will take original Adams place. I will not be silent and let him go to the grave.”

He said “Father God the cup that You have given me, I will drink.”

Then He said “Father forgive them.”

Just like Adam and I should have done and deserved.

Jesus is that second Adam, the one who fulfilled original Adams mission to be the image bearer of God and the true Ad’am (Hebrew word for man) as an example to us. 

When we look at original Adam we see blame, shame, and rejection. 

When we look at the true Ad’am we see love, life, and resurrection. 

Thank you God for showing us what true Men are like and I pray that all of the men reading this would study the life of Jesus the true Adam, and step up to His plate to live their life the way He lived His. 

-Laurance McGraw

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