Thursday, August 22, 2019

Truly Sensible

I hear an echo on the breeze
that bounces off the rocks and trees.
It reminds me of a voice I’ve heard
within my soul, a silent bird.
Yet echoes ‘round with quiet thunder
and strikes my heart with rev’rent wonder.

I see a shadow on the hill
And reflections on the window sill
It’s hard to see, but can’t be missed
As if the sunlight could be kissed.
Yet all the same, that dangerous light
It awes my heart, a dazzling sight.

I smell a fragrance in the air
A soothing scent that’s lovely and rare.
It fills my lungs with breathless pleasure
As if I’ve smelled a priceless treasure.
And all the air around seems bent
By this exhilarating scent.

Yet all for naught these senses be
If they don’t bring me back to Thee.
The One who formed me from the Earth
My ears, my eyes, my nose, my worth.

Laurance McGraw V

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