Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Captain of the Sea

I am the captain of my ship
Each board, and plank, and rail.
I turn the ship at my command
And tell the rudders where to sail.

The wind, it blows me where I want
Through skill and luck and wit. 
I tell the crew just what to do,
And the sea, she listens too.

The waves, they roll up past the boat 
Each cap and trough and crest.
I push on through the endless sea
And I declare that I'm the best.

For I'm the captain of the sea,
Each fish and crab and coral.
They swim and jump at my command 
And I feed them from MY hand.

Suddenly a cabin boy, 
From the gunwale of the boat; 
"You go too far you scalawag.
You are no captain, but a goat.

If you're the captain of this ship,
Each board and plank and rail.
Who made the boards? Who made the planks?
And who fills up the sails?

The wind, it blows you where He wants,
Despite your mighty skill.
It storms and gales and pushes you
At the High Commanders will.

The waves still roll up past the boat,
But each crest can not be stopped 
Try telling one "be calm and still",
Then try walking 'cross the top.

Sure you're the captain of this ship
But the seas belong to Him. 
He made the wood, He blows the wind, 
And by His will the creatures swim.

Without The Captain of the sea 
There's ne're that you can do. 
So thank Him for the breath He gives
And the grace He shows to you.

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