Monday, July 15, 2019

The Beautiful Soul

The Beautiful Soul

Bedtime 10July2019

People tell me that I married above my station in life and I’m not here to say they’re wrong but, they’re wrong.

The truth is that they only know half of the matter.

Most of the time when people say this it’s because they’re looking at my wife’s physical beauty and comparing it to my physical... confidence? That might be the wrong wording but the point is that she is much more good looking than I am.

In this assessment alone the statement is true, I married well above my station in life. That however is not the whole truth.

The rest of the story, and the part that is arguably more to the point of my station in life, is that my wife has the most beautiful soul of anyone I know.

Her spiritual beauty far exceeds her physical beauty and that can’t be captured in a picture on Facebook for people to notice.

It can however be observed in the following bedtime conversation...

Adelyn: “Momma how does God use bad things that satan does and turn them into good things?”

Rebecca: “Well have you ever fell on the sidewalk and scraped your knee? It hurts right? Then you get up and you go in and get a bandaid. That’s a bad thing that happened to you. Now when you see someone else who falls down you can help them get back up, help them go in and get a bandaid, and you can say “it’s ok, I know how you feel.” That’s how God uses some things for good.”

Adelyn: “I, I don’t really. I mean I guess it’s like I really, but it’s hard to. Well I don’t really undergetit.”

Don’t worry Becky, I “undergetit”, and I married far below your Heavenly station...

Laurance McGraw V

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